About Bright Max

Bright Max is recommended by more than 1000 dermatologists.

Bright Max was born in 2022 by an expert team of dermatologists and R&D specialists at “Kia Kam Pharmed” company. Bright Max products are designed with accurate formulations and the use of the latest technologies based on the knowledge and experience of dermatologists and their commitment to the best quality. In this way Bright Max offers exclusive solutions for the problems of any skin type, which provide brilliant results not only for improvement and treatment, but also for maintenance of the beauty and health of the skin.
We have designed special skin care routines for the treatment of darkness, spots, dryness, acne and signs of skin aging and dullness, focusing on brightness and radiance as the most important sign of health and the most important factor of skin beauty.
By providing first-class skin care products and designing specialized skin routines, we have taken an effective step in the treatment path of dermatologists, beauticians and consumers in order to realize the goal of ensuring the skin health and beauty.


Bright Max products features


Recommended by dermatologists

Brand quality commitment

No animal testing

لوگوی فوتر برایت مکس

Bright Max product ranges for skin care:

  • C Bright line (anti-oxidant and skin brightener): specialized skin products focusing on protecting and brightening the skin tone. The main active ingredient in this line is stable vitamin C and is suitable for all skin types.
  • Hydra Bright line (hydrating and skin brightening): specialized skin products with a focus on dry and dehydrated skin, containing the main effective ingredients Hyaluronic acid and ceramide, suitable for all skin types.
  • Acne Bright line (treatment for acne and blemishes caused by acne): specialized skin products focusing on acne and skin inflammation due to acne. This line contains effective anti-acne ingredients such as azelaic acid, niacinamide, silymarin and miniporyl, and is suitable for oily and acne-prone skin.
  • Tone Bright line (anti-blemish and skin lightening): specialized skin products focusing on blemishes and skin darkening. The main effective ingredient in this line is niacinamide and is suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive and under treatment skin.

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لوگوی فوتر برایت مکس

Bright Max have used several strategies in order to aim for the most effective products:

  • Products formulation are based on recommended percentage of active ingredients according to clinical studies.
  • Using the latest technologies to improve the skin penetration of effective compounds.
  • Using the best cosmetic grade and most effective raw ingredients
  • Defining treat and care routines compatible to skin problems and types

Bright Max brand commitment:

Bright Max products are free from animal testing, free of gluten and mineral oil. Our commitment is to work with the best dermatologists to place ourselves on the forefront of skin care science.

Bright Max commitment to sustainability

The quality of Bright Max products is one of the commitments of this brand. Producing safe and effective products is our most important goal. At Bright Max we are committed to facilitate the path of treatment and care for consumers skin problems, by clearly mentioning the effective percentage of active ingredients recommended by physicians.